Why Is Ivacy VPN Your First Line Of Defense Online?

Are you certain about surfing the web safely?

Do not for a moment think that your online activity is untraceable. Because then you would be wrong since your ISP (Internet Service Provider) is keeping an eye on your activities. However, that is not to say someone is watching what link you visit in your web browser or who you talk to online.

Instead they keep track of your information, aka browsing logs, and sell it to third parties. Then those parties use it for advertising to target you with tailored products and offerings.

But with a virtual private network (VPN) service in place, you prevent your ISP from doing that. After all, it’s your data, and it is you who decide whether or not your data has a price. Without consent, it is both unethical and illegal. Remember GDPR? Anyone?

Moreover, online data always serve as an attraction for the hacker community. Untapped data on the web is an accident waiting to happen. Similarly, it is accessible to governments or any other surveillance body should information be asked of your ISP and the ISP will have no choice but to comply.

How does Ivacy VPN help?

So in a world where privacy and security are of utmost importance, a VPN will come in handy. Ivacy VPN establishes a secure connection between your computer and the server. As a result, your ISP does not act as a middleman to connect you with your preferred website. In this case, an Ivacy’s server is at play.

You appear anonymous to anyone who might be watching including your ISP since your IP address stays masked. The use of VPN is important, especially in the following cases.

1. When you connect to a public Wi-Fi
Connecting to a public Wi-Fi is always going to be a risk. Even if it’s password protected. If by chance the hacker is on the same network, your data is vulnerable. Ivacy VPN brings an extra layer of security to the table.

2. When traveling
In the case where you are traveling to a foreign country and are unable to access certain sites in the region, you can unblock them with the help of Ivacy VPN.

You can also gain an advantage regarding airfares as they vary from region to region. So connecting from a different region to make a purchase can prove to be cost effective for you.

3. When you want privacy
Even generally, if you employ a VPN, it causes you no harm. You only benefit by encrypting your network while staying protected against online threats. By privacy, it just doesn’t mean individual privacy but also the privacy of businesses and organizations.

An unsecured internet connection is susceptible to more intrusive attacks and can lead to the destruction of your entire infrastructure with all your company’s sensitive information going to the wrong hands. VPN such as Ivacy safeguards your and network in and out of your schools and workplaces.

Is the use of VPN legal for torrenting/ streaming content?

In addition to all of the above, a VPN is also meant for streaming content and downloading torrents securely, but since it is considered an unlawful practice in most parts of the world and is punishable by way of fine and prison time, the use isn’t recommended nor do we advise Ivacy for the said purpose.

Final word

All in all, it is good to have a VPN service by your side as netizens because it provides you with complete anonymity and safety. Remember how we asked, whether or not you thought your online activity was untraceable? With Ivacy VPN you can say “It is.”

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