Why Every College Student Should Use a VPN-connection

Not using a VPN-connection as a college student is like having casual sex with a lot of random partners without using condoms. A VPN-connection will not only protect you against digital thieves, scammers and hackers but will also open up to a lot of extra opportunities, such as getting access to banned sites, protecting your privacy, streaming movies, tv-shows, music, and sports events and much more.

What Does a VPN-connection?

Let’s just briefly look at how a VPN-connection works. The internet is designed to be open, and everybody who snaps up your data can see where the information came from and easily read it. This is true even for passwords that most people would consider safe and private. A VPN-solution will encrypt all the data that are sent from your computer, tablet or phone, and hide that the data is coming from you. A lot of VPN-providers also scan your data for viruses, attempt to hack you and other stuff.

Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft

Most college students are not aware that their identity has been stolen until the day a debt collector knocks on their door or contact them in another way. This is perfect for digital identity thieves since when their crimes are discovered they are long gone. And it is so simple: You send your social security number in a mail or enter it on an online form on an unencrypted website. All that is left is to pick up your birthday on your social media profile, and the thief has control over your life.

A VPN-connection protects all your data by encrypting it before it leaves your phone, tablet or computer so if a hacker snaps it up, it will only be gibberish.

A free tip from us is to put a credit freeze on your credit report. This makes you far less interesting for identity thieves.

Preventing Your College From Spying On You

If you use the network at your college, the college can track every website you visit, what pages you look at, read every message you send and just all you do online. All internet providers can do this, but while you are very anonymous when you are a customer by a company like Comcast, a college is a much smaller community. It means those with access to the information might actually know you, and it might even be students who are very careless when it comes to privacy. Some colleges might even feel they are morally obliged to snoop on their students.

A VPN-connection will encrypt all information so nobody at your college can see what you are doing and also hide that it is you that is doing it. Suddenly the VPN-connection will give you your privacy back.

Getting Access to Banned Services

A lot of colleges feel that they should babysit their students and will, therefore, ban sites that they for some reason think are not appropriate for the students. You will probably immediately think porn, but often it is sites that most would find innocent. Additionally, they will often block file sharing and torrenting because they have heard somewhere it is something about piracy and illegal downloads.

The banning is often based on a lack of understanding, and many of this services can be very useful for students and in the end who wants to be babysat?

With a VPN-connection, you get around all of this and you will be the one in control of what you have access to.

Protecting Your Privacy

But there are others who spy on you. Search engines like Google love to track every movement you make so it can target both search results and ads to the searches and sites you have visited previously. It can be slightly creepy to be stalked by ads just because you visited a site once, and the ads shown on your screen might raise questions from your boyfriend/girlfriend, friends, family members and so on.

Plus you can get very biased search results which can be an issue from an academic point of view, but also from your personal view as you will only be presented the story the search engine thinks you like.

A VPN-connection will keep you safe from prying eyes and hence present you with more neutral results. You will probably still get ads, but they will be much more random.

Be Safe When You Are Off Campus

When you are outside campus, the chances are that you often will use local hotspots at places like Starbucks, restaurants, airports. At those places, your security and privacy will depend on how careful those places are with the security, and since they are often sloppy and since a lot of people uses them, those places are very attractive hunting grounds for hackers and cyber criminals.

By using a VPN-connection it is suddenly you who are in control of the security and the VPN-solution protects you from hackers and everybody else that will steal your information or snoop in your privacy.

Be Safe When You Travel

When you travel the situation will pretty much be the same as described above but maybe even more insecure because you will be somewhere less known to you and you might even depend more on hotspots in airports, hotels, hostels, and other places. You might also use USB chargers that actually can be used for hacking your computer. Just like above are travelers and tourists perfect targets for hackers as they often forget to keep their guards up.

A VPN connection will keep you safe and protect your privacy while you travel.

We suggest you read our article about all the risks you face while traveling from digital thieves and scammers and our other article about how to stay safe with a VPN when traveling.

Don’t Be the Victim of Reprisal or Retaliation

You might not think so much about it when you are a student, but if you are careless with protecting your privacy while you are studying, it can end up biting you when you begin your career or are in the middle of it, as things that you would rather have kept private suddenly are exposed, by criminals or jealous competitors.

A VPN-connection will keep you anonymous and protect your privacy.

Stream From the Entire World

Most streaming services put up restrictions about who can use their services depending on their location. It means that you might not be able to watch your favorite movies or shows when you travel, or you might not be able to watch interesting movies or shows that might be available in other regions…The same is true for sports events and music.

With a VPN-connection, you can make it appear like you connect from somewhere else and get access to content you otherwise wouldn’t get access to.

Every College Student Benefits From a VPN-connection

At the end of the day, every college student should have a VPN-connection. It will make you more secure and your life more fun. The encryption will ensure your privacy and protect you from digital thieves and scammers. They anonymously will let you do things that you otherwise wouldn’t be allowed, so your life will be more fun and exciting.

It Is Not Even Expensive

You might think that it is expensive but actually, it is very cheap to stay safe and get additional fun and even on a student budget you will be able to afford a good VPN-connection. If you are ready or have the option of buying a subscription for a year or more, you can often get the cost down to a few dollars per month, but even if you pay per month, you often can stay just below 10 dollars per month.

So let’s get started before it is too late to look at the best VPN’s for college students

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