Vypr VPN – Description, Review and Tips 2018

Vypr VPN’s slogan is “Internet Privacy and Freedom for Everyone, Everywhere.” They take these words very seriously so security and unblocking sites,such as social media sites, are high priorities for them..

Vypr VPN has fast servers and connections scattered all over the world so that you can get lightning fast streaming and you can also get around all kinds of attempts to block access to servers and data.

Number of countries 64
Number of locations 70+
Number of VPN servers 700+
Number of IP addresses 200.000

Computers and Devices
Vypr VPN has apps for all the most popular computers, devices like phones, tablets, routers, and smart TV.

Windows PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, OpenVPN (160-bit and 256-bit)
Mac OS X L2TP/IPsec, OpenVPN (160-bit and 256-bit), Chameleon
Linux PPTP
iOS (iPhone & iPad) IPsec/IKEv2
Android OpenVPN (160-bit), OpenVPN (256-bit), Chameleon
Apple TV Yes
OpenELEC/Kodi Yes
Android TV OpenVPN (160-bit), OpenVPN (256-bit), Chameleon
Tomato MIPS/ARM PPTP, OpenVPN (160-bit & 256-bit), Chameleon
QNAP OpenVPN (256-bit), PPTP
Anonabox OpenVPN (160-bit & 256-bit)
Blackphone OpenVPN (160-bit and 256-bit), Chameleon
BlackBerry 10 Yes
Open-WRT OpenVPN
Synology NAS OpenVPN

Payment Options
Since Vypr VPN is extremely popular in China, they accept payment options like Alipay and also all of the most popular credit cards and PayPal.

Credit Cards Yes
PayPal Yes
Alipay Yes


Vypr VPN is very active in their work for providing extremely fast VPN connections but they are especially active in helping people to get around governments and others attempts to censor and interfere with what you do and read on the internet.

Vypr VPN lets you have access to all servers, unlimited bandwidth, and incredibly fast connections no matter which package you select so you can use your Vypr VPN connection to do all of the stuff you like to do online including streaming, P2P, and the sharing of documents.

Vypr VPN offers you an internet kill switch which cuts off your online connection if your VPN connection is lost, so you can be absolutely sure that nobody accidentally gets access to your data. Another handy feature is that you can set up Vypr VPN to automatically activate itself if you connect to an unknown WiFi network, so you don’t accidentally expose yourself to any risk.

Vypr VPN gives you an extra tool through their Chameleon technology which encrypts all OpenVPN metadata, and that means that a government, company or internet provider that tries to do a Deep Packet Inspection will not be able to determine the type of your internet traffic. Governments use this to block.traffic from certain sites, such as Twitter, while internet providers can use it for trotting which means that they can give higher priority to some traffic at the cost of others. An example can be if Facebook pays an internet provider to get higher priority to traffic from Facebook. This means that Facebook’s service will seem much faster and more stable than it’s competitors.

Vypr VPNs has 24/7/365 support.

Vypr VPN offers more than a standard VPN connection; they also offer a NAT Firewall, which makes sure that any traffic you have not asked for will be rejected. For example, if a hacker tries to sneak into your computer or device, all the traffic from the hacker will be rejected since it comes from a source from which you have not asked for traffic.

Vypr VPN accepts the most common payment options like credit cards and PayPal.


Vypr VPN is perfect if speed and security are very important for you and if you want to circumvent all attempts of censorship.

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