The Best VPNs for Your Children

Choosing a kid-friendly VPN can be a bit of a hassle, so let’s take a look at the options

Making your children use a VPN-connection is a great way to keep them safe on the internet and if you wish to learn more about it, look at our article about why your children always should use a VPN-connection when they are online 

So let’s find the best VPN-providers for your children but, first of all, we need to look at the features we should judge the VPN-providers by in make it easier for us to choose the right providers.

Unlimited Bandwidth

In order for children to be safe, they will need to be able to use the VPN-solution all the time, for which we will need plenty of bandwidth. Actually, it will be best if there is unlimited bandwidth since your children probably would like to use it for streaming and other data consuming tasks.

High-speed Connection

This leads to the second important feature. Not only do we need plenty of data, but we will also need a high-speed connection to transmit that data for your children to use it for activities like streaming and online gaming. If the VPN-connection is not working correctly during those activities, you risk your children turning the VPN-connection off and they will no longer have the protection you wish.

Local Servers

We like to use a VPN-provider that offers local servers so it would be possible for your children to watch the local version of Netflix and the other streaming services. There might also be other reasons to appear local, like when the children search on Google and would like to have local results.

Automatic Activation

Since it is your children that are going to use the VPN-connection and hopefully use it always, it is essential that it is as easy to use as possible. Particularly that it will be automatic, as it is easy for your children to forget to activate it manually.

Apps For the Computers, Tablets, and Smartphones Used by Your Children

Unless you are an IT-expert and just love messing around with stuff, you don’t want to set up a VPN-connection, especially not for your children’s use of a VPN-connection. It is therefore essential to choose a VPN-provider that offers software for all of the most widely used platforms by kids, such as Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android.

Parent Friendly – Easy to Install

Not all parents are IT experts, and therefore is it important that the VPN-provider offer software and apps that are easy to install and use so neither you as a parent nor your children will have to struggle to get it working. If it is too hard or challenging to use, you will most likely end up not using the VPN-solution, so in order to ensure continous use it has to be user friendly.

Streaming Friendly

Our goal is to keep your kids safe all of the time which includes when they are using the VPN-connection and also when they are streaming. Unfortunately, the streaming services do not like when you are using a VPN-service and will try to block against them even when you are in the same country. Some VPN-providers have more or less given up on offering streaming and instead focus their service for the group of customers who don’t need streaming. Luckily for us, others have decided to put extra effort into continuing offering access to streaming.

There is no doubt that without access to streaming, your children will not want to use the VPN-services and will not stay safe on the internet.

Additional Security as Malware Scans

To really make your children safe on the internet, it would be great if the VPN-providers also offers additional scanning for malware and other suspicious activities. This means that the traffic will be scanned before it even reaches your children computers, tablets, or mobile phones. You can then install additional virus and malware scanners to your children’s devices to add an extra layer of security.

The 5 Best VPN-providers for Your Children

So the aforementioned reasons will be the criteria in our quest to find the best VPN-providers when it comes to VPN-connections for children. The prices are very modest which means that a one-month subscription will cost $10 +/- a couple of dollars. If you pay for a longer subscription, most VPN-providers will cut the monthly price in half if you pay for a full year.

So without further ado, you will find the best VPN-providers for children below

NordVPN Logo

NordVPN Is a great family solution as it supports up to 6 simultaneous connections, has a vast high-speed network, and offers user-friendly apps for all the major platforms. NordVPN takes streaming very seriously and has 24/7 customer support. Their prices are similar to the industry standard but you can pay for up to two years and get a considerable discount. All in all, you will get a high quality product for your money.

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Ivacy has been on the market for a long time and is one of the most established VPN-providers. They now have a modern high-speed network that is highly secure. They offer apps for all the most commonly used platforms plus a few extra. Streaming is one of their main focus areas and, for an additional dollar, you can get a NAT Firewall that gives you even greater protection. The prices are absolutely modest and with a 5 year subscription, you can achieve substantial savings. Ivacy VPN is a great deal that will help you keep your kids safe on the Internet.

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Torguard has been the most popular among the more technically orientated users, but they actually have very user-friendly apps for all the popular platforms. Therefore it is easy to get started, but if you want to go deeper you can do that too. They have a global high-speed network with unlimited bandwidth. They offer a stealth technology that makes it possible to get around the blocking of the streaming services and it seems to work perfectly. The prices are very much at the average but because of the high quality of their network,  you do get a lot for the money.

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PureVPN is also a good choice. They have a high speed network, very user-friendly apps, and high focus on features like streaming. They have a couple of extra security features that makes your children safer when they are online. The prices are at the industrial average but with huge savings, if you sign up for a longer time.

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The last on our list is LeVPN. LeVPN is one of the most advanced VPN-providers on the market. They have a large high speed network with servers in no less than 114 countries. Things like streaming are on the top of their priority list and they have very user-friendly apps for all the most commonly used platforms. The prices follow the industry standard so you get high quality for your investment.

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If you know the VPN-industry, you probably have noticed that some well known VPN-providers are missing. The main reason they have failed is that they have issues when it comes to streaming Netflix. If streaming is not important for your children, you can look at some of the other options. In that case, we suggest you go over to our page with the best VPN-providers on the market.



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