The Best VPN-providers For Your Small Business

There are a lot of VPN-providers on the market and to choose the best one for your small business can be rather overwhelming. We will look at what to look for and which one on the market offers the best value for money for a small business. There is no doubt that particularly small businesses are an optimal target for cyber criminals, and a VPN-connection is an essential tool in protecting your small business or employees from all the bad guys. Read our article about why it is important for a business to always use a VPN-connection when online but right now we will now dive into what criteria you should use when selecting a VPN-provider for your business.

1 Internet Speed

Internet speed is an essential requirement to any VPN-solution, since you have a company to run and neither you nor your employees want your productivity to go down because you have to spend time waiting for a slow internet connection.

If you have employees, a slow VPN-connection will become a security risk as they will tend to stop using it because they will go crazy trying to be online on a slow connection

2 Unlimited Bandwidth

You will need unlimited bandwidth as you very likely will end up using it a lot. You might think you can manage with a lower bandwidth, but you will feel limited by it after just a few months.

3 Strong Network

It will often be advantageous to choose a VPN-provider that has a strong network as this will increase your opportunities for being anonymous and strengthen your privacy. Plus a big strong network with many servers in a lot of countries is a sign that they take their service seriously and is ready to invest in it. Plus a strong network gives better opportunities when traveling, International SEO, competitor analysis, and other things you can do as a business with your VPN.

4 Customer Support

Customer support is essential when you have a small business. As it is for business use, neither you nor your employees should have to spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to set up the VPN-connection, so it should be easy for you to get help if you will ever need it.

5 Protocols

There are 5 major protocols, and some VPN-providers supports all 5 while others support only a single or a couple. If your business has equipment or software that requires a particular protocol you should make sure that the VPN-provider you choose supports that protocol. If you just have standard software and devices, you should go for OpenVPN as it is the most secure protocol on the market and secondary IKEv2/IPSec who also is very secure but not as common. The most insecure is PPTP and should only be used if everything else fails.

6 Apps and Software

It is important they have modern and easy to use apps and software for the computers and devices you are using in your business, so it is easy and fast to use the VPN-connection. You and your employees’ time is too valuable to mess around setting up a VPN-connection.

7 Number of Simultaneous Connections

A lot of VPN-providers have special business packages, and the features will often be the same or similar to their standard connections, but they will often have a higher number of simultaneous connections as it is for both you and your employees. So basically you will have to calculate how many people are in your business and many devices you need to protect, and make sure that you buy enough connections to handle all employees and devices.

8 Local Servers

Particularly if you are going to travel, it can be very handy if the VPN-provider has local servers, or at least in the USA or in the country you have your business.

9 Logging Policy

Even though this may not be as important if you are simply a private person but a zero logging policy is definitely a plus to a business as nobody will be able to see what services you have used and pages you have used as this information can be very interesting for competitors to figure out what you are up to.

10 Jurisdiction

This is important as you don’t want to use a VPN-provider that has it headquarters in a country where the government can force them to reveal information about their clients.  A country such as China where the government can use the VPN-provider for industrial espionage.

So, as you can see, there are quite a number of features you should look for, but don’t worry. We have already gone through all the most interesting VPN-providers and selected the best for your small business.

So let’s take a look


We begin with LeVPN and even though they don’t have a special business package, we are of the opinion that they are a great choice if you are the only one or maybe if you have a couple of employees in the company. They offer all the services you can expect, and with servers in more than 114 countries, they do have an impressive network. They don’t have a business subscription, but they are absolutely worth looking at if you just are the only employee or if you have a couple employees, they can be a really good option, and they also support streaming etc.

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Hide My Ass is a great network and is one of the most established VPN-providers on the market for VPN-solutions. They have business plans for 10-30 simultaneous connections, so they are ideal if you have employees and want to protect the entire company. HMA offers all the standard security features you can expect from a modern VPN-provider.

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Even through Torguard has its origins in the torrenting community, they have grown to become a serious VPN-provider with a lot of security features, and today, they have their own business solutions where you can buy plans  that allows you to add over 50 emplyees. The business plans offer some extra features like encrypted emails and dedicated IP-addresses. If you are just yourself or a few employees, it might make more sense to choose their standard VPN plans if you want to save money. But Torguard a great choice for businesses

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IPVanish doesn’t have a dedicated business plan, but due to a large network, very high security, as well as offering 10 simultaneous connections, this makes them ideal for the smaller businesses with just a few employees.

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NordVPN is one of the most active VPN-providers on the market and their standard VPN-plans are a great value with high security and 5,000 servers scattered all over the world. NordVPN is ideal if you are the only one in the company or maybe an employee or two. The cool thing is that if your demands grow, they also have a full-blown business solution.

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The cost is absolutely no excuse for not protecting yourself and your business since a one month plan starts at about $10-12 while you can get down to a few dollars if you sign up and pay for a longer time. This is one of the best investments you can make in the health of your company.

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