Should I Subscribe to a VPN-solution For a Short or Long Time?

All VPN-providers offer a one month subscription plan, but you can generally save a lot of money when you pay for up to 5 years. But is that a good idea? Let’s look at the pros and cons.

When you go to the subscription page of a VPN-provider, you will often see that the one year option is highlighted. Sometimes you get pop-ups that offer deep discounts on the VPN-solution if you sign up for 5 years.

For the providers, it is a great idea to ask you to pay for 5 years in advantage. They have to invest in the network upfront and, by having customers paying upfront, they save on how much they need to finance themselves or how much they need to borrow at the bank. But is it a great deal for you in the long run?


You can save a lot of money. It is often around 50% that you can save by signing up a year and even up to 80% for 5 years. Those are some serious savings.

You can pay and forget all about it. You won’t have to keep track of monthly payments.


Are you buying the VPN-solution for a specific purpose that you risk no longer being able to use it for that purpose? A good example is streaming Netflix. Gradually, a lot of VPN-solutions chose to no longer work with Netflix, so it would just too bad if you have paid for 5 years and then after only one year, you can no longer stream over Netflix. All you can do is to sign up with another VPN-provider instead.

Another thing is that a new player on the market will be able to attract a lot of new customers by offering great bargains, but because of all the new users, their network will gradually grow slower, and if the VPN-provider has undercut the prices, they might not have the capital or cash flow to upgrade their network. You can either stick around with the slow connection or switch to another VPN-provider.

The above leads to another risk. The provider might even go out of business. Your remaining time will, in that case, just vanish up into thin air.

Your needs change. Your life situation changes over time, and maybe after a year or two, you will suddenly need the VPN-connection for something completely different. An example to illustrate that point is that you may suddenly begin to travel a lot because of a new job, and suddenly, you will need some different features to keep you safe while traveling.

You can also risk you becoming the product. Having sold cheap long-time subscriptions might put pressure on the VPN-providers cash flow and, in order to stay in business, the VPN-provider might begin to sell your personal information.

You have to come up with a lot of money right now. Basically, you become the VPN-provider’s bank, so you will have to dig into your pockets to pay for the VPN-solution. If you have plenty of cash, it will not be a problem, but most average people will notice the cost.

What we recommend

We really can’t recommend you to pay for 2 years or more. In this world, 2 years is a very long time, and a lot of things can change when it comes to technology and the marketplace.

A one-month subscription can make a lot of sense if options like streaming Netflix or sports events as the content providers don’t like VPN-services and will do everything they can to block for the VPN-providers on the market. It can, therefore, change from day to day through which VPN-provider you will be able to stream.

Do you want to save money or, if are you not particularly interested in streaming, it can be a good idea to pick a 6 month or one-year subscription. This will allow you to save money and, at the same time, reduce the risks.

Also bear in mind that the savings for signing up for more than a year become relatively smaller. For example, when you sign up for 5 years, theybecome even smaller again.



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