Pure VPN – Description, Review and Tips 2018

Pure VPN is one of the most established VPN-providers in the world. It was founded in Hong Kong in 2006 and has since grown into a global network with its focus on protection of freedom and privacy.

Pure VPN philosophy is that the internet should be open and free to all. In order to acheive this, they have built an impressive global network. Pure VPN has developed their own services that are constructed to be able to handle the modern use of data as streaming, P2P, and so on.

Number of countries 140+
Number of locations 180+
Number of servers 2,000+

Computers and Devices
Pure VPN has been on the market for a long time. They can offer up-to-date solutions to all commonly used computers, tablets and phones.

Windows Yes
Mac OS X Yes
Linux Yes
iOS (iPhone & iPad) Yes
Android Yes
Smart TV Yes
Kodi Yes
Android TV Yes
Firestick TV Yes
Chrome Extension Yes
Firefox Extension Yes
Router VPN Yes

Pure VPN supports all the standard protocols in the market today.

OpenVPN Yes
L2TP Yes
IKEv2 Yes


Pure VPN offers a wide range of VPN-solutions for both the private and business sectors.

Pure VPN wants privacy and security to be available for everybody and, as a result, makes sure all their software and apps are user-friendly and that you can get access to all functions by a single click.

With Pure VPN, you get access to all of the servers they have, no matter what subscription plan you have chosen, you will also get unlimited bandwidth, and at a very high speed. With all of those tools, you can use your VPN subscription to do all the things you love to do. With PureVPN, you get around your internet providers attempts at throttling.

Throttling means that the traffic from certain websites or services gets higher priority than the rest. One scenario can be that an internet provider asks a streaming service to pay a certain sum to the internet provider to make sure the traffic from the streaming provider comes ahead of other’s traffic.

Pure VPN offers you an internet kill switch, so you are sure that your traffic will not get through your regular unencrypted connection if the VPN-connection fails.

Pure VPN wants to give you the highest possible freedom which means that you can use their network to anything you wish. Thngs like P2P and streaming, but PureVPN takes it a step further; they even have dedicated servers respectively to P2P and streaming.

Pure VPNs offer 24/7/365 support from real humans by chat or email plus they also have a huge online support guide.

Pure VPN service offers more than just a barebone VPN-solution as they provide both anti-virus scanning and removal of websites that are potentially dangerous.

Pure VPN accepts almost any type of payment you can imagine – credit card, PayPal, cryptocurrencies and even gift cards. So you can pay 100% anonymously


Pure VPN has been on the market for a long time and today they have a very large network plus a long list of security functions. All of these features make them a very serious choice for at VPN-solution.

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