Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft and Cyber Crimes With A VPN-connection

To be the victim of identity theft or other cyber crimes is stressful and often very expensive, but you are far from defenseless. We are now going to look at how a VPN connection will protect you.

Identify theft is now more and more common as 2.7 million Americans fell victim to cyber crimes last year. It is easy to understand why identity theft has gotten more and more popular among criminals. The criminals can work from anywhere in the world, and the chances of getting caught and convicted are minimal.

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A factor that makes the job a lot easier for the criminals is that the internet was developed as a very open system, which means that all that is transmitted and not encrypted, so anybody who snaps up the information can easily read the content and also see who is the sender and the recipient. It is just like sending a postcard where everybody that has it in their hands easily can read it.

This openness offers excellent opportunities for identity thieves. It is easy to collect information about you like your social security number, your birth date, and other personal information. Information that, with a bit of boldness, makes it possible to take over your entire life, to get lines of credits in your name, empty your bank account, buy products and services at your expense or something entirely different. Only the imagination of the criminals is the limit. The identity check by both many private and public institutions is just to ask for the social security number and birth date, so be very careful who you give it to.

Usually, it takes a long time before the victims discover what has happened and it often takes even longer for the victims to clean up after the identity theft. In many cases it is necessary to hire an attorney. All things that are very stressful and expensive, even if you are innocent.

The good news is that you are not defenseless. By using a VPN-connection, you make life tough for digital thieves and scammers. When you use a VPN connection, you create a closed encrypted connection between your computer and the servers at your VPN-provider, which can be located anywhere in the world.

The result is that even if a hacker snaps up the communication, it will be pure gibberish to him or her, so by using a VPN-connection, you will always be protected no matter where you are online. At home, a friend’s house, or at a public WiFi-hotspot.

A VPN-connection will hide your location and make you appear anonymous when you are online as well as protect you against attacks from the outside. This makes life hard for hackers and others who want to steal and sell your identity.

Most VPN-providers offer to scan all of your traffic for infected websites, malware, and viruses, and some even offer ad-blockers too. They will often have other tools to protect you.

To sum up, a VPN-connection will protect you in several ways against having your identity stolen and from other cyber crimes. These services will save you the stress and costs associated with having your identity stolen.

The best VPN-providers for protecting you against identity theft and cybercrimes

It can be tough to find the right VPN-provider, particularly since the market is filled with VPN providers. Let’s take a short look at what we need from a VPN-provider.

First and foremost, we need high security and local servers so you can get access to local content. The next thing that we need are user-friendly apps that will allow you to easily install and activate the VPN, so you don’t need to be a genius to stay safe with a VPN-connection. Finally, it will be great for it come with automatic functions that make sure you are always using a VPN-connection when you need it the most and no data sneaks around the encryption by accident.

The suppliers below all have apps for Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad), and some additional platforms.

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Is very easy to use and can be activated by a single click. You can set it up to activate automatically when you use a public WiFi-hotspot. Finally, and most importantly, is that their network is strong, vast, and they offer protection against malware and virus etc.

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Is one of the most etablished VPN-providers in the business and they probably have the most extensive network on the market. When it comes to technology, they might have fallen a bit behind, but they are a good and stable choice.

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Is a great choice if you worry about identity theft or other cyber crimes, as it comes with both malware and virus protection, and their Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IDS and IPS) protects you against attacks from the outside.

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A great choice as they offer high security and apps that are easy to install and to use.

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As the name implies, security is a high priority for SaferVPN and offers apps with automatic connections to their VPN network so you always will be safe.


We are a bit careful about mentioning prices here as the market is very competitive and the prices are continuously changing. Typically, you will find the price for a monthly subscription to be $10 to $12 and close to $60 to $80 for a yearly subscription. However, you can often find offers that go below $50 for an annual subscription. Some even let you buy a 5-year subscription at a very attractive price. A 5-year subscription might be a bit too long as you might wish to switch to another supplier during that time. The fact is that the price is no excuse for not protecting yourself and your family against digital thieves and scammers.

We have above collected some of the best VPN-providers when it comes to protecting your identity and avoiding falling victim of cyber criminals, but you can find our full list of quality VPN-providers here.

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