Private Internet Access VPN – Description, Review, and tips for 2018

Private Internet Access VPN offers fast gigabit VPN-tunnel solutions for the entire world.

Private Internet Access VPN has built a global high speed network and gives your security and privacy high priority.

Number of Countries 30
Number of Locations 48
Number of VPN servers 3.300+

Computers and Devices
As Private Internet Access VPN has been on the market for a long time, they consistently offer solutions today for all the common computers, tablets and phones.

Windows Yes
Mac OS X Yes
Linux Yes
iOS (iPhone & iPad) Yes
Android Yes
Chrome Extension Yes
Firefox Extension Yes
Opera Extension Yes

Private Internet Access VPN supports all the known standard protocols:

OpenVPN Yes
L2TP Yes


Private Internet Access VPN’s mission is to offer everybody secure, encrypted and private VPN tunnels and solutions combined with high speed and competitive prices.

Private Internet Access VPN offers apps to all of the most common platforms and they have worked hard to make them easy to install and use.

When you sign up for a subscription at Private Internet Access VPN you get access to all their servers all over the world and unlimited data. Additionally, Private Internet Access does have a strict no logging policy so they are not logging your IP address or your activities.

Private Internet Access VPN comes with a kill switch and makes sure that you don’t accidentally use the internet if you lose your VPN connection. This makes sure you don’t accidentally compromise your privacy.

Private Internet Access VPN lets you do the stuff you love to do online such as streaming, and P2P.

Private Internet Access VPN has 24/7/365 support in many languages.

Additionally to the VPN solution, the Private Internet Access VPN offers you extra security in the form of protection against malware, ads and anything that tries to track your activity.

Private Internet Access VPN has a variety of payment methods for their services – credit cards, PayPal, Bitcoins and even gift cards so you can be completely anonymous when you sign up.


Private Internet Access VPN takes your security and privacy very seriously and offers you a lot of options when it comes to protecting your privacy. Just be aware that they don’t support as many countries as some of the other providers so, if you need to appear from a specific country, it will be wise to check if they offer it.

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